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Locations Around the World

Located in more than 3 continents offering the best quality inks and vinyl.

Looking for quality inks for your next project?

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We have everything you need for your projects

Thanks to its special components, our ink dries on any type of substrate, this allows the printing does not stick, even at the maximum speed of the machine.

Our Products

Quality & The Best Color

Our products have high quality standards, to provide guarantees to our customers.

Ultra Fast Drying Time

Our inks account with ultra fast drying times to ensure everything is as planned

Wide Variety of Options

We have a lot of colors to choose from and bring your ideas to life.

Our Products

Company Certifications

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Healthcare Buildings

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Education Buildings

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Goverment Buildings

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Commercial Buildings

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Residential Buildings

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Restaurant Facilities

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We work with the best partners

Our clients are our best partners and they trust in the quality of the fauna products that give the best results in their jobs and projects.

Around the world our distribution networks have been supported by the support of our customers in continuing to use the wildlife products, they support our commitment to excellence and we support their work with high quality products….

All Partners