Energy ™

The Energy ™ series inkjet range is a “flexi-rigid” ink set, based upon state-of-the-art acrylate LED-curable formulations developed by Kao Chimigraf ™ SL R&D laboratories at their headquarters in Rubi near Barcelona, Spain. Kao Chimigraf ™ has been manufacturing UV-curable inkjet inks for OEMʼs and the aftermarket in high volumes since 1999, and has hence acquired huge experience in optimizing formulations for adhesion, flexibility and high colour gamut. Energy ™ V2 series is a LED curable inkjet set, optimized for exposure to LEDʼs of 405nm wavelength (violet/blue) but which also works with near UV (395nm) LEDʼs. High cure speed. The ink has good adhesion to many common rigid substrates such as acrylics, rigid PC, foam boards and corrugated boards. Also, on to semi-flexible substrates such as polyolefin, vinyl substitutes, PET, and PC. Energy is compatible with equipment using the following printheads: Spectra ™, konica-Minolta ™, Ricoh ™, XAAR ™, Seiko ™.

Product Details

Head Compatibility:
Spectra™, konica-Minolta™, Ricoh™, XAAR™, Seiko™.
Compatibility with the machine:
ESS™, Flora™, CET Color™, Teckwin™, Docan™, Allwin™, Matan™.
Indoor and outdoor.
Durability to the outside:
24 months.
Storage time:
12 months.
Operating temperature:
18° - 27° C - 64.4° - 80.6° F
Relative humidity in operation:
30 - 80%.
Transport temperature:
10° a 40° C - 50° - 104° F
Harmful Xn R20/21.
C M Y K, LC, LM, LY, LB, W.
1L (16 bottles per box).
Solvent UV