power ™

In January 2011, Kao Chimigraf ™ launches the POWER ™ UV ink, ink for use on machines with Spectra, Konica Minolta ™, Ricoh ™, XAAR ™, Seiko ™ heads. POWER ™ improves the qualities of the Power Chimigraf series. POWER ™ has been designed with components without ADR, improving its temperature stability to facilitate transport and storage, especially in cold countries.

Product Details

Head Compatibility:
Spectra™, konica-Minolta™, Ricoh™, XAAR™, Seiko™.
Compatibility with the machine:
AGFA™: Anapurna, XL - VUTEK (EFI): Press Vue, QS DILLI: Neo, Titan, Neo Plus - DURST: Rho - FLORA™: 3204, F1250UV, PP2512UV, PP2512UV TURBO, PP1816UV GANDI™: Jeti 1224, 3150, 3300, 5024 HP™: Expedio, Revolution, Tempo, Turba Jet - INCA™: Columbia, Eagle, Spyder - CET COLOR: All MATAN™: Barak 4Q, 8Q, HS - TECKWIN™: TeckStorm, TS300, TS2513, PQ300, TeckPro DOCAN™: All - ALLWIN: All
Indoor and outdoor.
Durability to the outside:
24 months.
Storage time:
12 months.
Operating temperature:
18° - 27° C - 64.4° - 80.6° F
Relative humidity in operation:
30 - 80%.
Transport temperature:
10° a 40° C - 50° - 104° F
Harmful Xn R20/21
C M Y K, LC, LM, LY, LB, W.
1L (16 bottles per box).
Solvent UV